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Our staff collectively has over 50+ years of experience in the employment landscape. We believe that quality outcomes are essential when it comes to organizational growth. We share an uncompromising excellence and a commitment to care for your organization.

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Benjamin Morales

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sue Beardsley

Director of Recruiting

David Hall

Director of Business Development

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Bilingual talent solutions should be collaboratively driven, resulting in high adoption and successful outcomes.


learning about all your Staffing Philosophy

Culture, Talent Philosophy, Trends


Develop a talent framework that is sustainable

We tailor this framework according to what makes most sense for you


implement long term staffing solutions

Modern workforce solutions are scalable and a long-term solution

a bilingual Healthcare vendor

Special skillsets require special knowledge. This is LatinoPro.

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with over 50+ years of collective experience

We have Are Pioneers in Bilingual Talent Solutions


The LatinoPro Resume Guide

Introduction With the emergence of guides, tutorials, technology and software that can create resumes automatically, creating a beautiful and effective resume is easier than ever.

established in 2016, ‘LatinoPro’ strives to get Bilingual Talent for clients. we believe in a good and honest strategy, and we will work for you.

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