The LatinoPro Resume Guide


With the emergence of guides, tutorials, technology and software that can create resumes automatically, creating a beautiful and effective resume is easier than ever. Throughout this article, we share the best tips, best practices, and the don’ts of the resume world.

The LatinoPro Resume Guide

What type of resume should I create?

  1. If you lack professional work experience in the workforce or work experience in the specific job field you seek to work in, a skill-based resume format is recommended.
  2. If you have plenty of work experience that makes you relevant to the specific job field you are applying to, a chronological resume format is recommended.

Visually, how should my resume look?

  1. Use a 1-page, PDF format.
  2. Simple grammar.
  3. Short & concise verbiage.
  4. Simple font. (Times New Roman, Arial, Roboto)
  5. Simple font size. (10pt – 12pt text size)

What should my layout be?

  1. Contact Information: Must have First/Last name, phone number, email address, location
  2. A Professional Summary About You: 3-5 short sentences. Your ability to retroactively reflect on the actual value you bring to potential employers takes self-reflection, insight, and honesty. Having a professional summary about yourself, if done correctly, shows strong emotional intelligence characteristics.
  3. Work Experience: Title, Start Date/ End Date (present if still employed there), and the three or four most important functions of your job purview.
  4. Education: School, Degree (or accomplishment, certification, area of interest, of specialization), Graduation Date.
  5. Soft Skills: This loops back into being emotionally intelligent about yourself. Many, many professionals claim they are proficient in communication, for example. Under what metrics? Just because one is able to communicate in their native language does not mean they are proficient in “communication.” Having a soft-skill, like communication, likely means that one possesses high levels of emotional intelligence, have likely experienced the management of personnel, have a likelihood of inspiring employees to perform at the levels required to be successful, are able to diffuse tense difficult situations, are able to communicate with upper management and clients concisely; all via the craft of communication. This goes one step deeper by having the ability to use the correct verbiage and tone with the linguistical capacity to make the conversation precise. Being a professional communicator, for example, takes years of honing and practice.
  6. References: “Upon Request”. Don’t do this. If a hiring manager or job description is requesting references, post your professional references of people whom you have worked with. If you have no work experience, finding an educator, mentor, coach, or community figure who knows you are recommended. Do not include family.
  7. OPTIONAL: You are more than welcome to include brief information about yourself that includes hobbies, accomplishments, certifications, volunteering efforts, etc.

Professional Tips

  1. Tailor your resume to the specific job description you are applying to while continuing to be honest and objective. There is a big difference between professionals who send the same generic resume to 50+ job openings, to the professional who carefully caters their resume to 5 job openings. Hiring managers, recruiters, and human resource personnel, and even artificially intelligent machines are trained to see which resumes “fit the bill” or “have matching characteristics”.
  2. Do not lie on your resume. According to statistics, 74% of all human resource managers and hiring personnel have caught a lie on a resume. People, in fact, are not oblivious nor negligent to wrongdoing. Eventually, truth surfaces.
  3. Use a spell checker. Also, have someone review your resume. Be crystal clear and tell them to find as many mistakes as possible. To hiring managers, recruiters, and human resource personnel finding grammatical mistakes and typos is a deal-breaker. According to statistics, 76% of hiring managers immediately disqualify grammatically incorrect resumes. Take your time in tailoring your resume. It shows.
  4. Please use a professional email address. Let’s face it, everyone remembers their first email address. Hiring professionals have all come across cringe-worthy email addresses. Creating a new email address is free. Gmail is the best option, as it provides a bevy of other resources for you like Google Drive, which allows you access to programs almost identical to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.
  5. Work with a staffing and recruitment company that specializes in your area of interest. If you are bilingual, working with a Bilingual Staffing and Recruitment company like ours, LatinoPro, will give you a much higher chance of succeeding. There is a reason employment organizations exist – It’s because clients trust that the candidate pools will match their designated skill needs. If you apply through an employment organization, you well ahead of the curve.


Tailoring a resume takes time, skill, and honesty. The investment is great because it can help you land a phenomenal job opportunity. We highly recommend you follow LatinoPro’s comprehensive resume building instructions as it’s been developed by people with more than 20+ years in the employment profession with thousands of interviews and resumes reviewed.