Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to LatinoPro jobs?

Applying to jobs through LatinoPro begins by sending your resume by getting in touch with one of our recruiters, or by submitting it through Facebook.

How do we add LatinoPro as a staffing vendor?

Adding LatinoPro as a bilingual staffing vendor is simple – Please begin by connecting with us through LinkedIn. We would love to hear about your staffing needs.

What is LatinoPro's payroll schedule?

All LatinoPro employees are paid on a weekly basis for the hours logged the week prior. For salaried employees, payroll is paid on the final day of the month.

What industries does LatinoPro staff for?

LatinoPro currently staffs for the Light Industrial, Administrative & Clerical, Healthcare and Financial markets.

I'm interested in working for LatinoPro corporate. How do I apply?

Working for LatinoPro corporate has the most up-to-date benefits currently being offered in the 21st century. We believe that digital technology allows employees to be better than ever with unprecedented flexibility. Applying is simple – Contact one of LatinoPro’s employees through LinkedIn to inquire; It’s that simple.

What separates LatinoPro from the dozens of other vendors?

LatinoPro focuses entirely on bilingual staffing & recruitment. Our customer service and ability to quickly and effectively staff for job vacancies is unmatched. Because of our staffing abilities, LatinoPro recently partnered with a top 5 global staffing company.