Established in 2016

Our History

Our History, Our Philosophy

There are two renditions of the LatinoPro logo above. The first photo represents the very first hand-drawn rendition of LatinoPro in September of 2016 by Benjamin Morales while attending his final semester of college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Wisconsin is a world leading staffing hub with many great businesses and leaders in the employment landscape. However one certain niche in the market had not been fully considered – the Latino community. With the broad array of skill-sets available, LatinoPro very quickly came into fruition after receiving recognition from business leaders in Wisconsin, as well as a top 5 global staffing firm.

The second photo represents the official LatinoPro logo: An established bilingual staffing & recruitment firm that services clients in the financial, administrative, light industrial, manufacturing, engineering and healthcare markets. The evolution of LatinoPro has been a testament to the high performing team that makes our services attractive, efficient, and of top quality for our clients.

“Our methodologies of business allow for us to be quick, agile and reliable. We understand the client needs from a human capital and financial perspective: Then we develop the bilingual human resource strategy.” – Benjamin Morales