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We recognize the realities that face healthcare providers. With the rapid growth organizations have had, staffing will continue to be of top priority for organizations. The most successful organizations, however, will be the ones that invest in specialized bilingual skillsets. This is where LatinoPro becomes the ideal staffing partner for you.

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Bilingual Skillsets & Better Patient Outcomes

Bilingual Skillsets

Did you know that employees who speak fluent Spanish are 12.5% more likely than their counterparts to receive a job offer? What this means is that finding Spanish speakers is all the more difficult and time consuming for teams that already are at maximum workload handling human resource tasks.

Patient Outcomes

High quality patient outcomes are measurable. They are also indicative on the total overall quality of care provided to the patient. When it comes to the care your organization is able to provide, ask yourself this: Are you able to provide exceptional care to someone who only speaks Spanish?

“When your speaking spanish, you're thinking in a different way"

Giancarlo Esposito

plan of action

How do we get started?


Learning About all of your staffing philosophy

Culture, Talent Philosophy, Trends


develop a talent framework that is sustainable

We tailor this framework according to what makes most sense for you


implement long term staffing solutions

Modern workforce solutions are scalable and a long-term solution

our clients are part of the family. all the way through.

Adding a bilingual staffing vendor is a smart move. 

established in 2016, ‘LatinoPro’ strives to get Bilingual Talent for clients. we believe in a good and honest strategy, and we will work for you.

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